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210 East Sunrise Highway
Valley Stream, NY  11581

Telephone: (516) 594-9771
Fax: (516) 594-9779

Document Management

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The SMITH Document Management System stores a permanent image of every shipping document, including air waybills, bills of lading, commercial invoices, and all customs forms.

Those images can be viewed on-line and emailed or faxed on demand. We also provide our clients with regular CD-ROM backups of all shipment documentation. This provides our clients with an important off-site backup of their valuable import documents.  Because US Customs requires importers to maintain copies of all import documents for at least five years from the date of liquidation, this feature can be an important part of an importer’s record retention program.

Some of our importer clients have used this valuable service to replace many of their existing paper-based filing systems and have given their sales personnel, production staff, and other employees access to our system for easy access to commercial invoices, packing lists, and other documents related to their imported products.

Joseph Smith Company offers a full range of import and export services. Call us toll-free at 888-4-JSMITH (888-457-6484) to see how we can put our experience to work for you.

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Joseph Smith Company is not a licensed OTI. All OTI services will be provided via referral through licensed OTI providers
Did you know..
Entry records must be kept for 5 years from the date of entry (including reconciliation records)?