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Reconciliation Entries

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Reconciliation is the process that allows an importer, at the time an entry summary is filed, to identify undeterminable information (other than that affecting admissibility) to Customs and to provide that outstanding information at a later date.

Reconciliation requires that the entries contain an electronic "flag" which is placed on the entry summary at the time the entry summary is filed and payment (applicable duty, taxes, and fees) is made.   The issues for which an entry summary may be "flagged" (for the purpose of later reconciliation) are limited and relate to: (1) value issues; (2) classification issues, on a limited basis; (3) "9802 issues," those concerning value aspects of entries filed under heading 9802, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS)); and (4) NAFTA issues, those concerning merchandise entered under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The flagged entry summary (the underlying entry summary) is liquidated for all aspects of the entry except those issues that were flagged. The means of providing the outstanding information at a later date relative to the flagged issues is through the filing of a Reconciliation entry. The flagged issues will be liquidated at the time the Reconciliation entry is liquidated. Any adjustments in duties, taxes, and/or fees owed will be made at that time. (See the February 6, 1998, Federal Register notice for a more detailed presentation of the basic Reconciliation process.)


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