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Duty Drawback

The US Customs Duty Drawback program enables exporters of goods which were originally imported (or made from imported material) obtain refunds for import duties paid. For US manufacturers who make and export products from imported components and US distributors of foreign-made goods, this program is a valuable source of new revenue and can help substantially reduce their total cost of goods sold and increase their competitiveness. We’ve been experts in this field for over twenty years and we help shippers obtain millions of dollars in refunds annually.

Drawback Rulings
The duty drawback regulations are complex, and depending on your unique situation may require an applicant to obtain special Customs permissions or rulings. 
Manufacturing Drawback
US Customs requires duty drawback claimants involved in many types of manufacturing operations to obtain a unique Customs ruling for each manufacturing process.
Same Condition Drawback
If you re-export imported goods in the same condition (or re-export goods very similar to goods you import), you can obtain quick refunds for paid import duties.
Drawback Potential Worksheet
For shippers interested in investigating the duty drawback potential in their current or prospective operations, we offer a set of simple formulas to help analyze the potential profitability of setting up a duty drawback program of their own.
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Joseph Smith Company is not a licensed OTI. All OTI services will be provided via referral through licensed OTI providers
Did you know..

Merchandise processing fee (MPF) refunds can also be requested on a Duty Drawback claim?