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Express Clearance and Delivery

We specialize in US Customs pre-clearance and express domestic delivery for imported cargo.  U.S. Customs accepts applications for advanced clearance when the arriving flight is “wheels-up” at the foreign airport, or up to five days in advance for vessel arrivals. We’ve developed a highly advanced system for taking full advantage of these privileges, allowing you to reduce your lead times and increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

We work directly with your suppliers and foreign forwarders to obtain the documents we need to pre-clear your cargo (Commercial Invoices, Air Waybills, Bills of Lading, etc.) on an ongoing basis.  We also receive commercial invoice data for import shipments electronically from many of our importer clients and their foreign suppliers. As a result, over 90% of the import shipments we handle are cleared before they arrive.

To leverage our pre-clearance abilities, we’ve also developed a network of US ground transfer agents, air couriers, and trucker-partners. Each of these partners are linked directly to our IT system, and they receive advance electronic notices for all inbound shipments the moment we initiate a file in our system – so they can start planning pick-up at the airport or seaport and routing to the final delivery destination before your cargo arrives in the US.  Our system issues these electronic “advanced shipment notices” around the clock, and issues additional follow-up electronic notices which are triggered automatically when US Customs has cleared the shipment. They know when your shipment is cleared and ready for pick-up and delivery any time of day or night, seven days a week – and we select our partners based on their ability to operate beyond normal business hours. By combining our advanced clearance service and our expedited delivery abilities, we help our clients achieve seamless international delivery from door to door.

We are licensed by US Customs to clear cargo arriving to all US ports, including border crossings and noncontiguous states and territories, such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  Several of our current clients have even been able to reduce their own traffic and logistics manpower as a result of the efficiencies they’ve gained by consolidating the number of broker and forwarder vendors they deal with.  That process also has other advantages: it simplifies record-keeping (all documents are in one location in the event of a Customs audit or review), simplifies your routing orders (no need to have a different clearing agent notified for each location), and reduces your costs (obtain the best pricing by combining account volumes).

Ground Transportation
We have partnerships with ground transportation agents of all types, including seafreight container truckers, airfreight specialists, oversize cargo movers and riggers, and same-day/white glove experts.
Express Delivery
Through our network of courier agents, we can arrange immediate express delivery from port of arrival to ultimate destination.
We help importers set up customized distribution systems, including "warehouse-less" systems.
Small Parcel Delivery
We've got close working relationships with all the major small parcel carriers.
Our imaging system keeps a permanent record of every shipping document, including air waybills, bills of lading, commercial invoices, and all customs forms.
Internet Tracking and Tracing
Our internet tracking and tracing system enables you to browse all shipments, browse defined time periods, and perform queries based on air waybill, bill of lading, or container number.
SMITH Tariff Classification System
The SMITH Tariff Classification System is an automated system which uploads a list imported part numbers and associated tariff classifications into Customs clearance programs.
Our Electronic Data Interface allows us to receive commercial invoices for imported cargo in an automated fashion, and use that data to automatically build a Customs entry.

U.S. Customs Newsroom

Joseph Smith Company offers a full range of import and export services. Call us toll-free at 888-4-JSMITH (888-457-6484) to see how we can put our experience to work for you.

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Joseph Smith Company is not a licensed OTI. All OTI services will be provided via referral through licensed OTI providers
Did you know..

That on average, US Customs processes 69,370 truck, rail, and sea containers per day?