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210 East Sunrise Highway
Valley Stream, NY  11581

Telephone: (516) 594-9771
Fax: (516) 594-9779

Electronic Notification System

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Our Electronic Notification System system triggers an automated email or fax message based on important shipment occurrences as defined by our individual clients.

For example, an importer can obtain an email message whenever a shipment arrives or clears – or receive automatic POD information or copies of US Customs duty bills as they are generated. These messages can be customized to include your proprietary shipment or order numbers, your supplier reference numbers, or both.  We also use this system to automatically dispatch cargo the moment it becomes available - day or night - to ensure that your shipments never remain motionless.

Joseph Smith Company offers a full range of import and export services. Call us toll-free at 888-4-JSMITH (888-457-6484) to see how we can put our experience to work for you.

here to request a free brochure.

Joseph Smith Company is not a licensed OTI. All OTI services will be provided via referral through licensed OTI providers
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